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H ello everyone, welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED Homepage. I have gotten rid of every single bad memory i had on here. It is a new Millennium and i need to stop thinking about the past and worry about the future. Life is so sweet, so good, and so many people in this world are so lucky to still have their life. Some people did'nt even live to see the new Millennium.For those of you out there who think life is nothing and worthless, your wrong. Just sit down and give life another look and another chance. Its worth it, because nothing is sweeter than life.

Let me tell you a little something about myself.Well for starters you all know my age soooooooooooooo dont ask hehehe.I live in New York city for now.But anyways i dislike people who lies a lot!! Now dont get me wrong, i dont dislike them, it's just that i hate when they lye and the lieing later on hurts me in the process!! I dislike people who goes around and spread he say, she say business.Also most of all i dislike people who always put them selves down....NO!! one is perfect...that is what most of everyone in today's world does'nt understand.

I hope to go out in space one day to discover and feel things i never felt before. I just want to explore,i have a really wide imagination that i want to open and dig into-to find things i want to do, than just imagineing it.I think it will be a blast going out in space.Why? you may ask, well think about it... just speanding a few months off of earth, the place you were born onto,the place where you spent most of your life...and one day going to a different world!! i find that so fasinateing....MAN!! just thinking about it gets me wooohoooing.8-)~ Sometimes i just cant stand some unpretty people..why? well because they always have something to say, or they dont like me for NO i confess i may act conceded sometimes, but thats because i love the way how i look. BUT!! that does'nt give anyone a reason to dislike me. So i may have a very high confidence in myself, but i dont put anyone down.Just because i keep my head up, that does'nt mean i should hold it down for those who dont like it.

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